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Advantages of Plastic Rack and Pinions in Motion Applications

Custom Nylon Pinion Gear CNC Rack and Pinion

To meet the challenges posed by real-world operating conditions, we have designed and delivered many rack and pinion systems based on our Power-Core polymers. Typically, these gears consist of Intech Power-Core gears with stainless steel cores and stainless steel racks, although some applications are better off with a Power-Core rack and stainless steel pinion.
Either way, we have found five key advantages to using polymers in rack and pinion applications:

Eliminate lubrication

Eliminating lubricants eliminates a major source of contamination in sensitive applications such as packaging, pharmaceutical, semiconductor or food processing.

Extends wear life

Users have also allowed us to create some design features that further extend wear life, such as a pitch line control feature that prevents pinion bottoming.

Prevent corrosion

Traditional rack and pinion designs with metal gears are prone to rust and corrosion, especially in washdown applications. As a polymer, Power-Core does not corrode at all.

Keep dimensionally stable

Due to the physical properties of its base polymer, Power-Core does not undergo the changes in dimensional and tensile properties that affect traditional polymers when exposed to moisture, chemicals or high temperatures.

Improve motor control

The Power-Core produces a rack and pinion that runs smoothly and quietly as the rack moves back and forth, about 6 dBa less noise than all meal components.

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What is a Rack and Pinion?

A rack and pinion is used to convert rotary motion into linear motion. The rack has straight teeth cut into one face of a square or round rod and runs with a pinion, which is a small cylindrical gear that meshes with the rack. The general rack and pinion are collectively referred to as “rack and pinion”. There are many ways to use gears.

China Custom CNC Machining Disc Shaped Stainless Steel Gear & Racks Ss201, Ss301, Ss303, SS304, SS316, Ss416 corrections gear rack

Product Description  Basic Info. of Our Customized CNC Machining PartsQuotationAccording To Your Drawings or Samples. (Size, Material, Thickness, Processing Content And Required Technology, etc.)Tolerance +/-0.005 - 0.01mm (Customizable)Surface RoughnessRa0.2 -...

China Standard 8979445160 8981017790 Power Steering Gear Rack for Holden Rodeo Pickup (RA) 2003-2008 Rhd gear rack backlash

Product Description  Detailed PhotosProduct NameSteering RackMaterialAluminum Steel RubberColoras picCar Fitment:UniversalCondition:New Our AdvantagesGOOD SERVICEOur products have exported to many countries abroad.Such as Europe,South American,North America,Southeast...

China best Engineering Plastic Oil Nylon Gear Rack Mod. 0.5 manufacturer

Product Description XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.HUA Chain Group is the most professional manufacturer of power transmission in China, manufacturing roller chains, industry sprockets, motorcycle sprockets, casting sprockets, different type of couplings, pulleys, taper bushes,...

China 1325 co2 300w mix laser machine 400w co2 laser cutter laser engraving machine with high quality

Application: Laser EngravingApplicable Material: Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Leather, MDF, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Plexiglax, Plywood, Rubber, Stone, WoodEngraving Area: 1300*2500mmLaser Type: CO2Engraving Speed: 0-600mm/sGraphic Format Supported: AI, BMP, Dst, Dwg, DXF,...

China M4 20X20 Sliding Door Gear Rack with Best Sales

Product Description M4 20x20 Sliding Doorway Gear Rack Our equipment rack is specifically for sliding gateIt is most reliable and exported to a lot of nations with a massive quantity.We have various varieties of the metal rack below for you to pick:The nylon equipment...

China 30*30*1998 Automatic Gate Gear Rack gear rack bushing

Solution Description Item DescriptionIron gear rackMade of Q235 metal for sliding doors, It is typically employed with a door motor. Our goods are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South The united states, and so on. Trustworthy top quality, Every piece of equipment...

China manufacturer High Precision DIN7 Gear Pinion Gear Rack for CNC climbing gear rack

Product Description High Quality Rack Processing C45 Rack  M1/M1.5/M2/M2.5/M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8 Rack/Spur Gear RackProduct DescriptionMighty can produce full series  racks.  M1/M1.5/M2/M2.5/M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8 Dimensions:Product nameGear/pinion RackModel numberM2.5 25x25  ...

China factory CZPT Motion 2023 Gear and Rack gear and rack generator

Product Description IntroHigh quality gears and racks with afforadble price.  Factory direct sell from China.Range of racks are up to 2571.62 mm (inquiry now for details).CatalogsPackage & Shipping1.Package: Carton or wooden case.2.Delivery time: 15 days after...

China manufacturer CNC M4 2 Eyes Light Nylon Sliding Gate Gear Rack aluminum gear rack

Product Description Product DescriptionNylon Gear Rack made of nylon and has steel bar inside,used for sliding gate. It normally works with Gate Motor.We have 2 Eyes Light, 2 Eyes Heavy,4 Eyes Light and 6 Eyes Heavy.Each piece of nylon gear rack has screws as pictures...

Rack and Pinion Mechanism Design and Application Examples

Gears transmit power by rotating one gear to move the gear that meshes with it. On the other hand, in rack and pinion, a combination of a rack in the form of a gear stretched like a rod and a small-diameter gear (pinion) converts rotational motion into linear motion to transmit power. For example, where the pinion is stationary and the rack is moving, the pinion is usually connected to the output shaft of the motor. The driven side of the frame is supported by a separate machine element structure. The repetitive rotational motion of the pinion produces the repetitive back and forth motion of the rack.

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