Custom High-impact Resistance Cnc Rack and Pinion Flexible Mc Nylon Rack Gear


Why choose us

Nylon gear raw rubber belongs to Class I plastics, not easily deformed, high temperature resistant, firm, smooth, slightly heavier than ordinary plastics

1. Products made of nylon gear recycled materials are brittle, easy to break or burst, and not durable;

2. Recycled materials generally contain more impurities, so they are weaker than raw materials in some characteristics, such as poor color, impurity, and changeability Yellow, with ashes after burning, etc.;

How to distinguish nylon gear 100% material from nylon gear recycled material?

1. Look at the gloss first. If the material is not good, the gloss will also deteriorate accordingly.
2. Watch it again. If the sections are inconsistent, the material is poor.
3. Look at the shape. The surface molding is not good-looking, and is uneven, and fibers are added, which is an inferior material.
4. Burn with fire. If it doesn’t burn, add a flame retardant. Or more than 30% of corrugated fiber. This is bad material.