High Efficiency Pinion Plastic Nylon Flexible Rack and Pinion Cnc Rack and Pinion Helical Gear


We are a professional manufacturer of milled and ground precision racks. The accuracy of our ground racks can reach DIN3962 Class 5. Modules vary from m0.5-m22. The length can reach 2.5m. Teeth can be straight or helical. Racks can be face-hardened or case-hardened.

High Efficiency and Pinion Plastic Nylon Flexible gear racks cnc rack gear rack and pinion gear helical

What We Offer:

1) Good quality control

2) Highly competitive prices

3) state-of-art technology products

4) Smooth communication

Company Advantage:

1. The factory has special equipment for high-precision CNC automatic shelf manufacturing

2. Complete production system, standardized and scientific institutionalized management

3. Advanced manufacturing technology and complete quality inspection system

4. The production process is mature and the detection means are perfect

5. The production technology and product quality are in a leading position in the country, and the products sell well all over the country.